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Why Miller's?

Customized sheds and barns | Miller's Storage Barns, Millersburg, OH

Ohio Proud: Over 40 Years of Quality

Hundreds of homeowners have turned to the Ohio-based Miller’s Storage Barns over our 40+ years in business with storage challenges just like yours—overflowing garages, sagging or ugly sheds and no room for that new lawn mower.

We’ve seen it all. We’ll put that depth of experience to work for you in creating a reliable, durable, and affordable shed or barn.

Why Miller's? 40 Years of Experience | Miller's Storage Barns

Over 40 Years of Experience 

Miller’s Storage Barns was founded by Owen Miller in 1979, when he started building storage barns in Berlin, Ohio. Since then, Miller’s has built an experienced team of shed and barn designers and installers who deliver the highest quality craftsmanship.

Payment flexibility | Miller's Storage Barns

Variety and Flexibility 

How much space do you need in a shed or barn? What’s the best layout for your current and future needs? What are the styles, colors, materials, and accents that will provide the best aesthetics for your property? We’re right there beside you to deliver the shed or barn that best fits your unique needs.

Shed Removal | Miller's Storage Barns

Shed Removal

When you are in the process of buying a new shed or barn, ask us about the options we offer for the removal of your old shed.  This could mean giving you a number of someone who can tear it down—or we might even be able to remove fully assembled units up to 10’ x 20’ (height will be taken into consideration) saving hassle, and time.

Quality Sheds and Barns

Quality Building Materials

Off-the-shelf and DIY sheds often fail to deliver when it comes to durability and reliability. We use quality building materials that are designed to last.

Payment options | Miller's Storage Barns

Flexible Payment Options

We offer financing plans up to 15 months 0% interest (per approval), and even 24 - 60 months rent-to-own programs.






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