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  • Standard Gables

    Standard Gables

    A barn built with your budget in mind. This unit comes with 7' walls and has a 3/4" treated plywood floor system!

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  • Ohio Based Sheds & Barns

    Ohio Based Sheds & Barns

    Find the perfect quality shed or barn for your unique needs from our Millersburg, Ohio location or any of our 14 dealers across OH and western PA.

    Customize Your Shed
  • Greenhouses


    If you would like to try out your Green thumb, this Greenhouse will be perfect for you!!

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  • Gable Garages

    Gable Garages

    Our Garages can be customized like this unit for a small percentage more, this two car garage was built to match the customers new home. Let us know the look you are going for and we will help make it a reality!!

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  • Cabins


    This Cabin is a pool house with a custom roof pitch and doors. We would love to assist you with your customized build, when you are ready let us know. We are here to help make the experience pleasant and unforgettable!!

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  • Garden Sheds

    Garden Sheds

    This unit was a custom built due to this customers HOA. Even though it was a challenge to meet their HOA's requirements, our well trained Salesmen will take the time to help you work through these challenges. We can't wait to hear from you soon!

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  • Ultimate Gable | 2' Overhang

    Ultimate Gable | 2' Overhang

    All the upgraded components of the Ultimate Gable, PLUS a 2' overhang along the front

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Reliable Storage Barns and Sheds That Last

Keep What Matters to You Safe

Whether you’re looking to make room in an overflowing garage, replace an old storage shed, or protect your new toys, Miller Storage Barns will provide you with the barn or shed to meet your needs. We offer up to 15 month 0% interest, so get started today!

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Plan Your Space

Take some time to plan for your storage needs. What do you plan to keep in your barn or shed? What will you need to store in the future? We can help you figure out the right size and dimensions to suit your needs.

Talk To Us

Select a Barn/Shed

Take a moment to browse our selection of Models and Styles before you request a quote. This will allow us to get you an accurate quote in the current price range. Whether you're looking to nurture a hobby or need extra space, we have exactly what you're looking for.  

Browse Our Storage Barns

Prepare the Site

We can install a cinder block foundation for your new storage shed or barn, recommend someone to prepare a gravel base for you, or you can do it yourself—it’s up to you. We can also help you with the removal of your old shed depending on its size and condition.  

Removal Of Your Old Shed

Schedule Delivery & Installation

Lead time varies by season and assembly requests. You can expect your new shed or barn to be scheduled for delivery between 2-4 weeks, at times it is 4-8 weeks. With smart scheduling, we often lop off lag time if your property is near another build.

Get Started

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