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Rehab or Replace? 4 Tips for Tackling Your Shed Overhaul

Rehab or Replace? 4 Tips for Tackling Your Shed Overhaul

You can’t ignore it any longer — that old barn or shed in your backyard is demanding an overhaul. Perhaps it just needs a fresh coat of paint, or maybe there’s structural damage to deal with. But is it worth putting more money into it? Or is it time for a new one?

Here are four questions to ask yourself when deciding whether to rehab or replace your shed:

1. Does it meet your future storage needs?

If it’s currently too packed to fit that new lawnmower you have your eye on, then it might be time to rethink the size and layout. Consider whether new shelves, hooks, and cubbies can give you the storage you need in your existing shed or if you need to start from scratch. 

2. Does it add or detract from your home's curb appeal?

Taking care of your home’s exterior, landscaping and lawn is important to you, but don’t forget about how your shed looks from the curb. Is a fresh coat of paint and new shutters all that’s necessary to improve your shed’s appearance? Or will improving its appearance require more work and expense?

3. Is it structurally sound?

If a fresh coat of paint isn’t enough to get your shed into shape, then do a thorough evaluation of the repairs needed, including the condition of the siding, flooring, roof, joists, and frame. Look for signs of rot, insect infestation, structural damage or water leaks. Keep in mind that these kinds of structural problems also increase the risk of damage to the possessions you’re storing inside.

Rehab or Replace? 4 Tips for Tackling Your Shed Overhaul | Miller's Storage Barns, Millersburg, OH

4. Does it provide the security you need?

Look inside your current shed or barn and do a quick calculation of the value of the lawn equipment, tools, cars, motorcycles or other possessions you’re storing there. Then consider — are your current locks sufficient to protect them? And if not, how can you provide that added security in your shed renovation?

Use these four questions to evaluate whether your old shed or barn can be restored so that it’s well-organized, structurally sound, aesthetically pleasing and adequately secure.

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