• Ultimate Gable Barn

    Ultimate Gable Barn

    This is a 10x12 Vinyl Ultimate Gable you can add your own choice of options and get the look you always wanted.

  • Hi-Loft Barn

    Hi-Loft Barn

    Our Hi-Loft Barns are two story Buildings so you get twice the space at a better price.

  • Unique Features

    Unique Features

    As you can see, the 2 ft. overhang on the Ultimate Gable adds a unique look.

  • Tack Barn

    Tack Barn

    All our Tack Barns have an indented porch, the perfect place to sit and relax.

  • Garden Shed

    Garden Shed

    The Garden Shed stands alone featuring an 8/12 pitch roof plus you get a 30yr. dimensional shingle with this model.

  • The A-Frame Cabin

    The A-Frame Cabin

    This is the perfect unit to set beside your pond, or use as your Weekend Getaway where ever that might be.

Miller's Storage Barns

First of all we would like to Welcome You to our website, if you find yourself reading this then you must be in need of a Storage Shed. At Millers Storage Barns we believe that we can meet your need, as you browse through this Web-Site, we hope that you will have a pleasant experience.

In 1979 Mr. Miller started building Storage Barns in Berlin, Ohio, His goal from the begining was, Quality Workmanship, and Customer Satisfaction, at that time we only offered a handfull of styles. Today we offer our customers 15 plus models of well structured storage sheds. We are located at, 4230 State Route 39 Millersburg, Ohio 44654.

Throughout the years, our company has kept growing, and with a excellent network of dealers in place across Ohio and Pennsylvania, this allows us to meet a larger network of customers, while making every effort to maintain the same high standard of excellence upon which our company was founded.

At Miller’s Storage Barns our goal has always been Customer satisfaction, We now offer Vinyl, L.P. Smart, and Pine Sidings plus a variety of special options. From customer service to the installation of your storage shed we can ensure that you will have a pleasant experience, while getting a Quality Structure.

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