Storage Sheds

  • A-Frame Cabins

    A-Frame Cabins

    The A-Frame Cabin is just like our Cabin in layout, yet it is unique because of the 12/12 pitch roof it gives you all the space you need for sleepovers at the lake, pond, or hunting grounds.

  • Barn Style

    Barn Style

    From the time Miller's began building barns, the barn style has been the key player in offering quality storage solutions.

  • Budget Barns

    Budget Barns

    A barn built with your budget in mind. Floor: 5/8" CDX Exterior plywood with 2x4 joists 16" O.C.

  • Budget Gables

    Budget Gables

    Features: Floor: 5/8" CDX Exterior plywood with 2x4 joists 16" O.C., primed L.P. Smart Siding with wall studs 24" O.C., 7/16" OSB roof sheathing.

  • Cabins


    Miller's Cabins are Gable buildings with an additional 4' wide porch. It is functional yet very attractive, adding beauty and value in a wide variety of applications.

  • Chicken Coops

    Chicken Coops

    A better chicken coop. Our chicken coops excel because of Treated runners, L.P. Smart siding with a 50 year warranty, Interior partition.

  • Gable Garages

    Gable Garages

    The Miller Garage will provide a quality, yet cost effective"home" for your vehicle... all year long. It could also be that long awaited workshop.

  • Gables


    Gable buildings are built with the same quality components that are used in our barn styles, with the exception of the 2x10 top wall plate.

  • Garden Sheds

    Garden Sheds

    So you need a place for your garden tools and mower? This would be the perfect garden shed for you.

  • Hi-Loft Barns

    Hi-Loft Barns

    2x6 T&G treated floor, 8' Tall sidewalls, 2x12 Top wall plate, 2x6 Roof trusses, 2x6 Fascia, One steel entry door, One set double doors, Full loft with stairway, Full ridge vent.

  • Hi-Loft Porch Barns

    Hi-Loft Porch Barns

    Our Hi-Loft Porch Barns employ all the quality components of the Hi- Loft Barns, with the addition of an 8' wide porch along one side.

  • Hi-Wall Barns

    Hi-Wall Barns

    The Hi-Wall Barn has the same quality features as the Miller's Barn Style, but with 7' sidewalls (78" wall studs) allowing door placement in the sidewalls, as well as in the end.

  • Outback Cabins

    Outback Cabins

    The Outback... for those who love or long for an outdoor look. A simple appearance reminding one of a by-gone era.

  • Playhouses


    An attractive outdoor playhouse to entertain your children all summer long and provide winter storage in the off-season.

  • Porch Barns

    Porch Barns

    Our Hi-Wall Barn with an added touch - a 4' porch along one side. Fully functional with an upscale appearance!

  • Potting Sheds

    Potting Sheds

    Designed with a green thumb in mind, the Potting Shed is a potter's delight. Included are three shelves, a 6-12 roof pitch, a single door, and a full ridge vent.

  • Quick Garages

    Quick Garages

    The Miller Quick Garage was developed to be just what the name implies, a quick yet efficient way to house your truck, boat, cycle or whatever needs a dry place.

  • Salt Boxes

    Salt Boxes

    Salt Box buildings are built with the same quality components as our Gables, but with an offset peak, creating an elegant look. Valuable storage with a touch of elegance!

  • Tack Barns

    Tack Barns

    The Tack Barn is a Gable Building with an indented porch on one end only. One set of double doors and one single door included.

  • Ultimate Gables | 10

    Ultimate Gables | 10" Overhang

    In addition to the quality components of our Gable Buildings, the Ultimate Gable sports a 6-12 roof pitch, 30-year dimensional shingles, a full ridge vent.

  • Ultimate Gables | 2' Overhang

    Ultimate Gables | 2' Overhang

    All the upgraded components of the Ultimate Gable, PLUS a 2' overhang along the front.

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